Work for Heavy Element

Live Your Passion

We care deeply about what we do and we pour our heart and soul into every problem we have. If you're a nerd for design, a geek for beautiful code, a dweeb for video production, or just an all-around wonk, you'd fit in just fine!

Build Cool Things

We don't really care where you've worked or what degree you might have —we want to see what you've built! Building cool things is a part of the Heavy Element tradition. Whether you're an artist or an artisan, we want to hear from you.

Positive Environment

Work and wellness go hand-in-hand. We want every one of our employees to be happy and healthy. For us it's a point of pride that we foster a constructive and inclusive work environment. No matter who you are if you work for us, you're a part of our team.


Integrations Lead


As the Integrations Lead, your job will be to create and manage relationships between Heavy Element and brands who want to advertise on our social media properties. (Namely, our primary YouTube Channel).

You will seek out new integration opportunities, negotiate pricing, build brand awareness among advertisers, manage existing advertisers, and maintain an integration schedule.

This is a work from home position.

Freelance Script Writer


As a Freelance Script Writer with Heavy Element, your job will be to provide well-written, thoroughly researched, fun, and factual scripts to our production team.

Your scripts should mesh well with the distinct voice that Heavy Element has cultivated on the Gardiner Bryant YouTube Channel over the last 7 years.

Your script must start with a clickable title:

  • No more than 70 characters (50 is preferable)
  • Title must be clickable
    • "Secrets of the Linux Kernel"
    • "10 Linux app you didn't know about"
    • "Reactions to the new Google Chrome have been BAD"
  • Should contain at least one action verb
    • "Watch this before you buy your Steam Deck"
    • "Valve's KEEPING their promise"

Your scripts should be annotated with links to references including software documentation, news articles, and other resources.

Scripts should be a minimum of 800 words and will rarely exceed 3,500. Base pay is $0.03/word with the opportunity to join the team as a staff writer as the opportunity arises.

Heavy Element believes in equality. We do not discriminate based on age, religion, ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic class, disability, or any other protected class.