Freelance Script Writer

Freelance Script Writer



  • Must have a strong grasp of the English language
  • Well-versed in Linux, tech, and open source
  • At least moderately familiar with Internet culture
    • Familiar with the Linux scene on YouTube
  • Capable of researching topics for videos
  • Capable of regularly writing scripts in excess of 2,000 words
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment with quick turnaround times
  • Write at least one script per week
  • Identify major and breaking news items in the Open Source and Tech world and write a script about them the same day
  • Work well as part of a team with the drive to stay on task in a work-from-home environment
  • Able to read, comprehend, and translate technical documentation into more natural sounding scripts, keeping jargon to a minimum

Preferred, but not required

  • Familiarity with gaming culture
  • Comfortable with presenting your own scripts on camera
  • Live within driving distance of our production studio in Unity, Maine


As a Freelance Script Writer with Heavy Element, your job will be to provide well-written, thoroughly researched, fun, and factual scripts to our production team.

Your scripts should mesh well with the distinct voice that Heavy Element has cultivated on the Gardiner Bryant YouTube Channel over the last 7 years.

Your script must start with a clickable title:

  • No more than 70 characters (50 is preferable)
  • Title must be clickable
    • "Secrets of the Linux Kernel"
    • "10 Linux app you didn't know about"
    • "Reactions to the new Google Chrome have been BAD"
  • Should contain at least one action verb
    • "Watch this before you buy your Steam Deck"
    • "Valve's KEEPING their promise"

Your scripts should be annotated with links to references including software documentation, news articles, and other resources.

Scripts should be a minimum of 800 words and will rarely exceed 3,500. Base pay is $0.03/word with the opportunity to join the team as a staff writer as the opportunity arises.

About Heavy Element

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