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Dudelings Giveaway

Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball is our new game and we're super excited about it. We're giving away 10 retail copies of the game to 10 lucky winners!

Billed as the "world's first 'sportslike'" (tongue firmly planted in cheek), Dudelings has all the trappings of other sports titles while dropping the more tedious aspects of a sim in favor of arcade-style action. Up to two players take control of opposing teams "Home" and "Away." Players may use one Dudeling at a time to manipulate the ball and score points.


  • Three game modes
  • Four arenas that react to gameplay
  • Alternate jerseys
  • Two announcer packs
  • Customizable match rules
  • AI opponents to practice against
  • A selection of ball types which have their own unique physics
  • Diverse cast of Dudelings with a unique look & feel each game
  • A variety of powerups that can help your team or hinder your opponent
  • In-game "How to Play" guide

Dudelings is available NOW on Linux, Steam Deck and Windows through Steam and

The game's soundtrack is also available on Steam and

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