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Dudelings 1.1.2-gds Public Beta

It's with great excitement that we bring you the next public beta for Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball available NOW through Steam! Check out the massive changelog and see what everyone's raving about! (You can also leave a comment on the Steam changelog)

Gameplay Features

  • Added new game mode: Pins
    • Use the ball to knock down your opponent's pins. Once all their pins are knocked down, you earn a point and their pins reset!
  • Added a new arena: Destination
    • Includes new stage music
  • Added new match option: Victory Condition
    • Match Point: The first player to reach the "match point" wins
    • Timed Match: The player with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins
    • Overtime: if, at the end of the time limit, the teams are tied, the next player to score wins!
  • Added two new pickups:
    • Switch Posession - when the ball touches this pickup, it will change to the opposing team's possession
    • Black Hole - when the ball touches this pickup, it will warp across the map!
  • Added a "What's New" system
    • Added a "What's New" sub menu that displays all the new, cool stuff in Dudelings
    • Added a "seen_whats_new_version_x_x_x" setting
    • Added a button to the "Main Menu" that players can use to see the new stuff
  • Added a full screen "CRT Filter" effect that's on by default. Use the Settings menu to disable the effect.

Steam Integration

  • Added button prompt ("E" for keyboard, "Select" for gamepad) during team selection to start an online game through Remote Play Together
  • Added player statistics for Steam Achievements (only the first human player has their stats counted)
    • Added the "Stats" menu
    • Player stats were not collected previous to version 1.1 so all stats start at 0
  • Added Steam Achievements
  • Added Steam "Rich Presence"


  • Added Announcer Packs:
    • Bill from NerdNest
    • Rich from FanTheDeck & NerdNest
  • Added new jerseys:
    • Rugby
    • Water Polo
    • Tennis
    • Hockey
    • Bowling
  • Made jerseys a persistent "Display" option rather than a gameplay option
    • These can even be changed while in game from the Settings menu!
  • Added a bird
  • Made the mini dudelings on Stadium and Infield feel more organic in their reactions
  • Reorganized the settings menu, added category headers
  • Improved the match rules menu
  • Enhanced sprite rendering and full screen support

Improvements & Fixes

  • Updated controller detection
  • Moved Steam Notifications to the top right corner
  • Improved match setup workflow
    • First, choose your team
    • Select the game type
    • Select the map
      • On this screen you may press "SELECT" (or "E" on your keyboard) to customize the match rules
  • Made the stars in the night sky twinkle
  • Fixed background animations on Beach
  • Added shader effect to Beach
  • Reduced chance that the sunset variant of Beach will be chosen
  • Updated benefactor's ad branding per their request
  • Fixed issue where the button context bar was empty when first entering the Player Setup menu from the Main Menu
  • Improved Pause Menu styling. Added toggle to show/hide Match Info using the "SELECT" (or "E" on your keyboard)
  • Improved controller navigation in menus including focus change wrapping in the following menus:
    • Main Menu
    • Settings Menu
    • Volume Menu
    • Pause Menu
  • Improved asset import settings, all pixelart is now sharp and crisp
  • Added pitch shifting for common sound effects to give a little more variety during gameplay
  • Fixed issue with canceling option popups also closing their parent submenu


  • Reduced chance the HARD and IMPOSSIBLE AIs will skip taking an action per AI think tick
  • Reduced bowling ball's weight
  • Refactored balloon's stats
    • Lowered the balloon's weight
    • Increased friction
  • Reduced all ball's mass scale when in the LARGE state