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About Linode

Linode was one of the very first companies in the cloud computing space. Since their inception they've been dedicated to their community of Linux and Open Source enthusiasts.

Heavy Element work with their team to produce high-quality educational content for their YouTube channel featuring well-known creators from across tech and influencer spheres.


Global NVMe Rollout Announcement

Linode's entrusted us to produce three videos introducing their customers to their NVMe global rollout.

Written, produced, and edited by Heavy Element.

Linode's DIY Cloud

A series which Heavy Element writes, hosts, and edits.

Linode's "How To" Series

An educational show featuring various YouTube personalities demonstrating how to utilize Linode.

Edited by Heavy Element.

Linode's SuperUser

A series featuring guest hosts covering a wide range of topics for the Linode YouTube channel.

Edited by Heavy Element.

Linode's Business Brief

An educational series about the success businesses have found with Linode.

Edited by Heavy Element.


Data Engineer Ad

A testimonial ad featuring Bennet M.

Linode Cloud Dashboard

A testimonial video about Linode.


Spotify Ad

Produced and edited by Heavy Element.