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About Purism

We were commissioned by Purism at the end of 2021 to create this series about video editing on Linux. The series is licensed under CC-BY-SA


Software Choices

There are many choices when it comes to editing video on Linux. Here are some of our favorites.

KdenLive Video Editor

Let's meet KdenLive; the non-linear video editor we'll be focusing on for the rest of the series.

The Most Important Part...

Any new media producer will tell you that the most important part of any production is the audio. Let's talk about it.

Getting the most out of KdenLive

How do you optimize performance of KdenLive? Watch this video and find out!

Settings, File management and More

Let's explore KdenLive's settings, keyboard shortcuts and other relevant options.

5 basic techniques you should know

From J cuts, to L cuts, smash/hard cuts and more. This is the secret sauce.

Adding Visual Interest

Use effects and compositions to add visual interest to your videos.

White Balance & Color Correction

Learn how to manipulate colors so skin tones appear natural and more.

Dialing in the Framerate

Framerate might seem trivial, but there's a lot to picking the right one.

All about B-roll

What is it, why do you need it, and how it can enhance your story telling!

Multi-monitor output on the Librem 14

How and why you should use multiple monitors to edit video.

Rendering Video with KdenLive

Choosing the right settings for video rendering can be daunting.