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Web Design

Make a first impression that lasts

Eye-catching design

We're sure you've seen the various local business sites which look like they haven't been updated since 1999. Stand out from the competition with a professional and eye-catching design.

Mobile First

Your site should look great on a computer, but they should look even better on a smartphone. A majority of all web traffic now comes directly from iOS and Android devices. Heavy Element can help.


SSL encryption is a major factor in your site appearing on Google Search ranking. If your site hosting doesn't include SSL encryption, then you're being ripped off by your host. We offer FREE SSL with any website we design and host.

Social Media

Proven Track Record

There's a reason you're in your chosen industry: it's because you love what you do. (And we have a hunch it wasn't to deal with malicious online reviews or post photos of your lunch to your public business pages.)

Heavy Element can help tell your story through social media with a balanced approach of organic and paid reach.



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Last updated . Data on this page are aggregate totals from YouTube Channels owned or operated by Heavy Element.

Hosting Services

Web Hosting

We offer a suite of hosting solutions that will provide your brand with exactly what it needs to thrive in the modern digital landscape. From simple shared hosting, all the way through Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster.

Email Service

You'd be surprised how many brands fail the simple litmus test of having their email address match their domain name. There's no shame in not knowing how to configure a mail server. But you can leave the hard part up to us!

File Storage

If you're worried about not having a backup of your irreplaceable files, look no further than our file storage infrastructure. Back up all your important documents to the cloud and have the peace of mind knowing that everything important will be kept safe!


Do you find yourself doing repetetive tasks that a computer could be doing? Time is money and it's time you start saving.

Rely on paperwork that gets lost or needs to be referenced frequently? That sounds like a job for a database.

We can automate slow and inefficient processes saving you thousands of dollars a year.