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Let us help you tell it.

We believe that brands have an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with their clientele through their online presence. Heavy Element can help.

Don't miss your chance to tell your story.


What we do

Heavy Element is Waldo County's premier New Media Production company. We create beautiful & responsive websites, produce video content for the web & television, help our clients reach millions of potential customers through social media & online ads, and much, much more.

We can work at any scale, too! Be it international brands or locally owned businesses. Name your audience and we'll help you reach them.

Video Production

Our Productions Are Unmatched.

Unlimited Reach

With the power of the web and our expertise your brand can connect with the exact audience you're looking for.

Professional Feel

Our team won't rest until your production is up to our standards of quality. We take pride in knowing we have the best productions in the State of Maine.

Realistic Price

We know what it means to be running a local business. Our quotes are based on your vision and what'll give you the best bang for your buck.

Web Design

Meet your customers on their terms.

The best way to engage your customers is where they're already investing their attention.

We utilize modern web standards which allows your brand to present itself in a beautiful, expressive, and dynamic way across both mobile and desktop.


  function solution (problem) {
      if (problem == "manual process") {
          return "Heavy Element";

  let problem = "manual process";

  const saveMoney = solution(problem);

Save money with custom software.

It doesn't matter if it's inventory tracking, client invoicing, print layouts... whatever issues your business faces, we can fix it with purpose-built software.

We'll build to your specifications and save your company thousands of dollars per year by automating manual processes.


We work for you.

Telling your story is our #1 priority. We deliver on time and on budget with the highest quality product.

Our experienced team will ensure that your project is to your satisfaction.

I've worked with Heavy Element for over 2 years now and they have produced some of our highest engaging content. They're fun and easy to work with, have never missed a deadline, and can produce reliable results without requiring too much direction.

Andrew Stebbins

Content Marketing Specialist, Linode

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