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Code of Ethics

Effective March 16th, 2024

1. Preamble

In the interest of combatting misinformation, for the sake of transparency, and (paramount to all else) to build trust with our audience and customers, Heavy Element has published this, our Code of Ethics.

Heavy Element, the Gardiner Bryant channels, our other Brands and Employees (collectively "Brands," "Employees," "we," "us," "our") shall adhere to this Code of Ethics.

2. Integrity

Heavy Element is committed to truth. Our job as an organization is to foster trust and remain fidelitous to honesty and factuality.

2.a - Journalism

We often report on the news. We pledge to do our best to research and report factual information. We take this job seriously.

We believe that "impartiality" is an affectatious pursuit and it is actually harmful to journalism as a whole. In fact, we believe the inclusion of our informed opinions enhances the value of our reporting.

Therefore, our Employees are encouraged to include their point of view and commentary alongside their reports. We trust you're smart enough to know the difference.


From time to time, we may make a mistake. Where possible, we shall amend the content with an "Edit" or "Update" section.

If it's not possible to effectively modify the work directly, we will include an "Edit" or "Update" section in the metadata of the production.

Depending on the severity of the error, it may be necessary to issue a retraction or de-list content. Retractions shall be issued in the same medium as the error was made.

In the event of high-severity errors and de-listing is deemed necessary, de-listings shall be accompanied by a post in our News section along with an explanation for the content's removal.

2.b - Product Reviews

Content falls under the definition of a "Product Review" if:

  1. we have bought a product with our own money, OR
  2. the vendor gives us a product to review regardless of if we get to keep the product after the content is created, AND
  3. the vendor has not compensated us to produce the content, AND
  4. gets no editorial input

We believe that trust is paramount in our reviews. Therefore we pledge that:

  • We will make a good faith effort to thoroughly review any products we buy or that are given to us
  • We will not allow the fact that a product was gifted to us to influence our review
  • We DO NOT give vendors previews of our reviews before they go live
  • Vendors get NO EDITORIAL INPUT as we produce a reviews for their product, however:
    • We may use marketing copy, press releases, spec sheets, etc. created by the vendor
    • If needed, we may contact the vendor for guidance on usage, clarification, or troubleshooting assistance. This will be disclosed in the review.

You may safely consider any review-style video to be a review unless the content is marked as a "Product Integration" or as "Sponsored Content."

We ofren incorporate links to purchasable items in our productions. Some of these links may be “Affiliate Links” and may result in us earning a commission at no additional cost to you.

Affiliate links shall be clearly disclaimed as such.

2.d - Integrations

We may, at our discretion, accept sponsorships, endorsements, etc. for products and services (collectively "Integrations"). When we do, we shall disclaim the sponsorship in a clear and obvious way. This shall be done in accordance with FTC guidelines.

  • Integrations must be clearly marked as a "Paid Integration" or other such language
  • Integrations must be distinct from the body of the content being sponsored
  • If the entirety of the content is sponsored, the content must be clearly disclaimed as "Sponsored Content" with a link to this document

Heavy Element shall make a good faith effort to vet our Integration Partners. We will verify their practices align with this Code of Ethics.

While we generally avoid this type of content, we wanted to offer our definition so you can be confident in our transparency and trustworthiness.

Paid Integrations may also include our creation of "Sponsored Content." To meet our definition of "Sponsored Content," a production must meet the following criteria:

  1. a vendor gives us a sample of their product, AND
  2. the vendor compensates us for the creation of the content, AND
  3. the vendor has editorial control over the content

3. Artificial Intelligence

From time to time, we may use so-called "Generative AI" tools including, but not limited to, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, etc. Whenever AI output is included in our productions, every instance of use shall be clearly marked, except for in the following circumstances:

  • The AI output does not substantively differ from the input. Non-exhaustive examples include:
    • AI rewords human-written input without changing the meaning, OR
    • AI is used to reformat a human-written document
  • The AI output is not used in the body of the work, for example
    • The metadata of a post

Brands and Employees are strictly prohibited from knowingly posting, sharing, or distributing (nor causing the posting, sharing or distribution) of AI-generated work, in whole or in part, without the clear and obvious declaration that such content was generated by an AI.

For more information on Heavy Element's use of AI with respect to our productions, please read our Authorial Integrity License.

4. Community Interaction

Heavy Element, our Brands and Employees are pledged to prevent the spread of extremism and bigotry. We are therefore bound by our conscience to enforce our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct across our services and platforms.

NOTE: Content produced before the effective date of this document may or may not be in compliance with these updated guidelines.