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Dudelings 1.1.2-gds Public Beta

It's with great excitement that we bring you the next public beta for Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball. Check out the massive changelog and see what everyone's raving about!

Heavy Element helps launch local podcast

CAMDEN, MAINE - Independent guide to Midcoast Maine, Camden Famous, launches new weekly podcast. Camden Famous is a collaboration between April Shaw-Beaudoin and her husband Buck. They have been working together for over a decade running their marketing agency. They have taken their skill-set and applied it to the place they live, promoting local businesses and fostering a welcoming community of business owners! We're excited to announce that we produced all twelve episodes of their podcast and we were lucky enough to get an invited to the launch party! We edited, mixed, and mastered each episode of the podcast and we're proud of the work we've done with April and her team. <iframe style="border-radius:12px" src="" width="100%" height="152" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen="" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" loading="lazy"></iframe> Make sure you check out the first episode and follow the show on Spotify! And don't miss our episode which drops July 26!

Dudelings v1.0.1 Patch Notes

We're excited to announce that Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball has received its first patch. Version 1.0.1 includes bug fixes and updates for player input. Find the patch notes below!

Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball now available on Steam!

This isn't your dad's Pong... Or his foosball either. Maine's new media production company Heavy Element has released Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball for Steam Deck, Linux, and Windows PC on Steam and This genre-defining "Sportslike" throws players into the high-intensity world of athletics, but without the bumps, bruises, and baseless attacks on late night talk show hosts. Get the ball in the hole. That's what most sports boil down to, right? (We don't know. We're asking.) In this hyper-competitive game, up to two players use the dudelings on the field to jump and hit the ball into the opposing team's goals, hoop, or over the net. Bask in the glory of 16-bit-style victory. Wallow in the sadness of defeat. Or just punch the nearest dudeling to you because slapstick will always be funny. We don't care how you play the game, just as long as you're enjoying it.

Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball Launches May 6th

SOMEWHERE IN MAINE - Heavy Element is proud to announce our upcoming video game Dudelings: Arcade Sportball is slated for launch May 6th 2024 for Steam Deck, Linux, and Windows PCs.

Heavy Element 2.0

I'm so pleased to announce that version 2.0 is now live! This site is the culmination of months of work and I'm so proud to be able to present it to you here! Have a gander and check out the new and improved portfolio section.

We've Joined the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce

Heavy Element is proud to announce that we've joined the Belfast Chamber of Commerce! We're hoping to network with local businesses and help tell their story. We're excited to work closely with the business-oriented folks who make living and working in beautiful Belfast, Maine such a pleasure!

vidIQ just told my story!

I was recently featured in a YouTube Short produced by the company vidIQ, one of the leading third-party tools for content creators. I was flattered when they reached out and offered to create this short about the channel and my journey to becoming a fully independent creator. They did a pretty good job capturing the broad strokes of my path to founding Heavy Element. Seeing as they necessarily had to leave a bit of the nuance on the cutting room floor (and since September 2023 marks nine years since I started weekly uploads on the channel) I thought now would be a good time to tell the story of this company. The Beginning Initially, the channel now known as Gardiner Bryant was called "The Linux Gamer." I made a name for myself talking about video games for Linux. Doing video reviews of my favorite Linux releases and celebrating my favorite open source operating systems. I did all while working a 9 to 5 as a furniture delivery guy. I quickly found my niche and an audience grew around the content I was producing. Right off the bat, there were multiple folks in

We're hiring

Are you the kind of person looking to make an outsized impact on your company? Do you have what it takes to work from home? Are you highly organized and motivated? As the Integrations Lead at Heavy Element (a Maine-based company), your job is to create and manage relationships between Heavy Element and brands who want to advertise on our social media properties. (Namely, our primary YouTube Channel). You will seek out new integration opportunities, negotiate pricing, build brand awareness among advertisers, manage existing advertisers, and maintain an integration schedule. Submit your application to our job listing to apply for this position!

Video Editing Course

Heavy Element is proud to announce that we're partnering with the Unity Public Library to offer a Video Editing Course for the public. Starting Friday, May 12th and continuing for the following four Fridays, we'll be delving into the realm of professional video editing! We will be providing hands-on experience with DaVinci Resolve, an Oscar-winning video production suite that's available free of charge by BlackMagicDesign. Through this course we'll touch on video editing basics and techniques, how to use DaVinci, and more! No prior experience is required! Space is limited, so contact Jean at the library to reserve your spot! info (at) unitypubliclibrary (dot) org

Celebrating the new

We've been hard at work iterating on our website. To celebrate the latest version, we wanted to share a write-up on what we've been up to. So what's new here at News We have a news section now! (And hey, since you're here and reading this... it looks like you found it already. Good job.) We plan to share news and updates about Heavy Element going forward here, so be sure to check back regularly! Careers We've revamped the careers section to display a more organized and concise listing of our jobs. Plus, as listings become available, the main page now has a banner which displays these listings! Portfolio The portfolio system has had a backend overhaul and it has become a much simpler process for us to add and manage new clients as well as portfolio items. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be updating the portfolio section regularly! Social Media We pride ourselves on our social media. We have a new feature which ties into the YouTube API and shows some of our YouTube stats. Check it out over on the Marketing page. That's it for now! Be sure to come back regularly and see
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