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Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball Launches May 6th

SOMEWHERE IN MAINE - Heavy Element is proud to announce that our upcoming video game "Dudelings: Arcade Sportball" will launch May 6th 2024! Dudelings will be available for Steam Deck, Linux, and Windows PCs.

Check out the official trailer!

Arcade Whatnow?

"What if Pong, but foosball?" That's the question we asked ourselves many moons ago. Since that time we've been hard at work building--nay--FORGING a brand new genre of interactive video game software entertainment: Dudelings.

Up to two players face off in a head-to-head, knock-down, drag-out, point-gobbling bonanza. Take control of the Dudelings at the bottom of the screen and use them to get the ball into the goal. It's pretty simple.

Video Game-y-ness

There are a few wrinkles we've added to spice things up. First, your Dudelings have teeth... or, well... proverbial teeth. They can punch their neighbors which will temporarily knock them out.

Shown in this teaser is the "Classic" mode where there are two pipes, one for each team. Get the ball in the other team's pipe to score. But there's also "Hoop" mode, our take on Basketball. And finally, there's Volley mode (guess which sport that's mimicking).

Even More Features

  • Alternate jerseys
  • Two announcer packs
  • Customizable match rules
  • Multiple arenas to compete in
  • A devious AI opponent to practice against
  • A selection of ball types which have their own unique physics
  • A variety of powerups that can help your team or hinder your opponent
  • And a seagull named Stephen

So grab a few controllers, sit back on your sofa and enjoy the dulcet, competitive tones of Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball.

Now the Fun Part

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Also, don't miss our awesome soundtrack!

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