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Dudelings v1.0.1 Patch Notes

We're excited to announce that Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball has received its first patch. Version 1.0.1 includes bug fixes and updates for player input. Find the patch notes below!


  • Changed dashing to not cancel when button is released.
  • Updated AI movements for Hard and Impossible difficulties.
  • Updated Dudeling scroll movement to get canceled by other inputs.
  • Added "punch missed" sound.

Menus and UI

  • Updated How To Play menu.
  • Fixed context bar flicker.
  • Fixed context bar text spacing.
  • Fixed issues with guessing controller type.
  • Updated Player Options sub menu.
  • Updated Splash Screen intro videos.
  • Updated Main Menu video.
  • Updated spacing for custom Dudelings font.
  • Updated confirm message appearance.


  • Updated scene switching speeds.
  • Fixed controller vibration not always working.

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